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Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Why Your Business Needs An IVR

One of the most important aspects of creating a satisfied customer is making sure that when customers call your business, they can reach the person or information they need quickly. Handling phone calls efficiently can improve customer satisfaction. Let us help you find out why your business needs an IVR.

What is an IVR?

IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response System". An IVR can be used for banking, surveys/polls, office call routing, call center forwarding, simple order entry transactions, selective information lookup, or anything that you can put into a menu format. They can save you money and allow for customer self-service.  Setting up an IVR used to require expensive on-site telephony hardware.  But nowadays, Hosted PBX providers help even the smallest businesses have IVRs (and tons of other enterprise-quality features) at prices even lower than typical landline phone service.

Do callers find IVRs frustrating?

A poorly designed IVR can indeed be frustrating and give a company a bad reputation amongst customers. Problems can include outdated designs with too few options, long-winded options on the menu, or requiring multiple verifications of the same information. For international companies, a key issue is not offering menus in native languages. With some guidance and a robust phone system like VoicePulse for Business, creating a well designed IVR that avoids the usual frustrations and, instead, increases customer happiness is easy. 

Can the right IVR actually increase customer satisfaction?

A well-designed IVR can save both you and your customer time by giving the caller the power to self-direct themselves to the appropriate person or department. In some cases, callers can find the info they need without needing to speak to an agent. Another benefit of an IVR is that it can be programmed to prioritize calls from high-value customers, making sure they get the most efficient service possible.  Some providers, like VoicePulse, even let you change IVR options during off-hours or holidays.

For more information, please contact us and we will find the right IVR for you.  

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