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What is Hosted Fax?

Faxes anytime, anywhere, and from any device

Hosted Fax turns your email into a fax machine. Now you can send and receive faxes from anywhere, and from any device, that supports email. It requires no special software, and no complicated setup.

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Hosted PBX Service for Remote Employees

Supporting remote workers has a history of being one of the more challenging tasks IT professionals are faced with.  Over the years, a variety of solutions have been developed to grant off-site employees with remote access to internal applications, and each method has it's own strengths and drawbacks.  Details aside, however, the overarching goals of each remote-access implementation are the same:  reliability, security, and ease of use & administration.

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How to Choose a Business Phone System

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a phone system for your business and, unfortunately, many people wind up locked into a service that isn’t ideal. We wrote this article to help simplify the process of finding a system that will meet all of your business needs now, and as you grow.

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Get notified of important calls in HipChat using VoicePulse FIVE

In our last post we showed how to use CallCode to notify your team of important callers. First we looked up the caller ID in Zendesk, then if they had the right tag, we sent an alert to a Slack channel.

Of course not everyone uses Slack - what if you use HipChat instead? No problem!

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Connect your phones to Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Hipchat... or anything else with an API!

In our Introducing CallCode post, we announced that CallCode lets you integrate your phone calls with any service that provides a webhook or API. In this post, we'll look at that a little more in-depth with an example that allows you to query your Zendesk installation to identify high-priority customers and post a message to Slack when they call you.

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