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Virtual PBX Now Available

For the past few months we, at VoicePulse, have been pretty excited about our Virtual Data Center offering. Aside from the fact that the VDC service is a full Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform that allows customers to virtualize all kinds of applications, one of the things we've been so excited about is that the underlying technology allows us to create all kinds of new, easy-to-deploy services for people that don't need full IaaS. The first of those, is the Virtual PBX service that is now available.

The Virtual PBX service, at this link, gives customers a dedicated Elastix instance. Elastix is basically a front-end that runs on top of Asterisk, and provides an easy to use GUI for configuring and managing a VoIP PBX. For $15/month, you end up with an easy-to-use, fully configurable VoIP platform that you can configure just like you would a physical machine. You can use any ITSP for inbound and outbound calling (that obviously includes VoicePulse's own SIP trunking service), and you gain all the benefits that go along with not having to deal with purchasing and managing a physical server.

The Virtual PBX's run on our VMware vCloud infrastructure, which is comprised of redundant, clustered servers, storage, IP transport, and power. If you choose to use an existing or new VoicePulse Connect account with a Virtual PBX, you also benefit from the fact that the Virtual PBXs are in the same physical facility as our VoIP services -- so the network latency between the two is usually under 1ms. For customers that want to use a different ITSP, all Virtual PBXs have access to six redundant connections to the Internet, backed by Tier 1 ISP's.

Be sure to check out this link for more information!

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