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How to configure Time Conditions in your Elastix PBX

This article will explain how to utilize Time Conditions and Time Groups in your PBX. Time Conditions and Time Groups allow you to do things like control which IVR plays when someone calls your phone number, or send calls directly to voicemail during non-business hours.

Step 1. Create a Time Group

Setting Up VoicePulse SIP Trunking On Elastix

This guide will walk you through configuring a VoicePulse SIP Trunking account on an Elastix PBX. In this guide we will cover:
  • Creating a SIP Trunk to two VoicePulse sites (A primary and backup)
  • Creating an outbound route that will send calls to those trunks

Virtual PBX Now Available

For the past few months we, at VoicePulse, have been pretty excited about our Virtual Data Center offering. Read more about Virtual PBX Now Available

VPS vs IaaS vs Everything Else

Differences between VPS, "Cloud Hosting", and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas). We compare the three and give you the information you need to figure out whether the difference matters for your application... Read more about VPS vs IaaS vs Everything Else

FreePBX 3.2 Template Now Available

After adding a template for Elastix 2.4 last week, we received several requests for a similar template running FreePBX, and we're happy to oblige. Just like always, our template provides you with a clean installation of the official media and VMware Tools installed via the OS package manager. Read more about FreePBX 3.2 Template Now Available


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